How do I apply?

Interested applicants may go directly to our office in Laguna; or they can send their applications online.

Applicants may also send their updated resumes to

What is the next step after I submit my application?

A recruitment officer will contact you for pre-assessment and give you further instructions.

What are the requirements in applying for the jobs currently offered?

The major requirements we need are Birth Certificate issued by NSO and complete school documents.

What are the qualifications?

For male applicants, at least High School graduate for different skilled positions such as welding, machining, painting, automotive, plastic molding, electronic equipment assembling, electric equipment assembling, casting, metal press, industrial packaging, and many others;

Do you always have job openings?

Yes – please refer to the job listings posted on this site.

How can we locate your office?

Please refer to the maps of our Laguna office on this site.