Jaime Stefan Cajipo

Jaime Stefan Arbening Cajipo Testimonial


         Good day! I'm Jaime Stefan Cajipo, from General Santos City. I was hired by Hino Motors Company in Japan and scheduled to be as a Field Service Engineer.

Well at first, during our training we have made a lot of adjustments such as being away from our family and friends, time adjustment and also adjusting to Japanese language. Studying Japanese language for the first time isn’t that easy, you should equip yourself with discipline and interest and gradually you will soon understand Japanese and enjoy it.

          Being away from my family is quite hard but I have to make a move to have a change of phase in our lives and to make our dreams come reality. Having a job offered abroad especially in Japan is really a great opportunity. By the opportunity given to me by White Dove Recruitment Corporation, I was hired by Hino Motors Company, one of Japan’s biggest name in Automotive industry. I am so thankful and proud about Hino Motors for this could be a chance that I could enhance my skill and knowledge about my field, and also for the reason that I could help my family especially for the studies of my siblings.

         Because of this chance given to me by one of the trusted recruitment agency, you’ll learn new things, have a new chance of success, and develop ourselves to be a better person.


General Santos City

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Rod Vincent Siojo

Rod Vincent Siojo testimonial


I’m Rod Vincent Siojo, from Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province. I was selected by Hino Motors, Tokyo, Japan together with three (3) of my colleagues as Field Service Engineer. As the interview ended and the results came to me, I can’t believe that I would soon to be working in a world class company as an Engineer. And now, we are on our way for a new opportunity, a new life waiting for us in Japan.

I know that this is merely a small step, a beginning of our a dream. There may be hurdles ahead of us as we embark on this new journey but I’m confident that I can surpass and overcome it. There’s my family who always supports me and inspire me to do my best.

There are about 70 of us in our batch who entered into the program, some may have failed and gave up their dream yet most of them persevered, succeeded and currently working in Japan in different companies and enjoying it. Now there is only two of us remaining and soon to be deployed in Japan.

To sum up it all, all I would say is never give up on that dream, as long as there is one way to keep on moving forward, then take that road without hesitation. Chances and opportunities may come earlier or later, but the moment you see it grab it quickly. It may not last long and you may not end up regretting in the end.

ROD VINCENT SIOJO, 25 Years OldTownsite, Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province

BS Information Technology – Software Engineering

Jed C. Rafales

Jed Cabanda Rafales Testimonial


Working outside the country has never been part of my plan since then.. As a tourist yes.. I always dream to travel across the globe. But to make a living just here in the country as it is, to travel abroad would remain as a dream.

Then the idea of working outside the country came. Along with it, is the chance to travel around the world with White Dove Recruitment Corporation, to make a living while traveling is no longer a dream. Sooner it will become a reality.

I was employed by Hino Motors based in Japan as a Field Service Engineer and was set to start by April of this year (2016). Not to mention the nature of the work but part of it is doing maintenance job in different branches and factories all over the world. Now who says that you can’t have both?

Yes, I know it won’t gonna be easy, especially at the beginning. New environment, new people, new culture, everything is about adjustment. One of the hardest adjustment is that I’ll be sent away from the family and loved ones. But if you are well motivated enough, as time passes by, I know I could get along with all these.

I’m thankful that an agency like White Dove is there to be the bridge for achieving our dreams. It may be hard to face new environment, new people and culture, but for the betterment not only for myself but also for the family.

JED C. RAFALES, 27 Years Old

Susana Village, Sirawan Toril, Davao City

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineer

Jonathan Tindungan

Jonathan Tindungan testimonial


I’m Jonathan Tindungan, who’s going to be deployed as an Engineer in Hino Motors Company, Japan, a well known manufacturing company for trucks and buses based in Japan. Our departure in on March 30, 2016. At first, before I was recruited by White Dove Recruitment Corporation, I was working in a computer related company. Although I have a work, it was so hard for me earning for my future. From there on I was thinking of working abroad and so I saw an Ads of White Dove Recruitment Corporation giving an opportunity to work abroad particularly in Japan.

When I started my application and study Japanese Language, I never thought that it was that hard to study. There are times that I hear my companions saying that they’re gonna quit but as a friend, I told them that giving up after you have started something would be like running away and not facing your fear/enemy or we usually say this in my hometown “Bakla lang iti lalake nga haan na nga ituloy ti narugian na”. Their mind set had change drastically taking on what I had said as an insult to them as a man. Though, I said that to them we still remain as a friends and now they are in Japan working for their own future. Through there, I also make them as my inspiration to make me more try harder to push myself to my very own limit, though it’s still not there.

And at last, I was selected by the Hino Motors. Yes there are still a lot of things that worries me but I am always thinking that compare before, this could be the better way to a good future for me and my family. An opportunity like this is just a one in a thousand chance as my Japanese teacher shared to us because even Japanese people cannot hire the same job as we have.


007 Purok 10 Apugan, Irisan, Baguio City

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

BS Information Technology – Software Engineering

Jed C. Rafales

Jericho Dades testimonial


Plastic Molding, Hitachi Metals

Konnichiwa, Ako nga pala si Jericho Dades from Pagsanjan, Laguna isa akong technical intern trainee ng White Dove.

Sa una mahirap, oo mahirap, wala namang bagay na unang try mo madali agad diba? Pero naniniwala namn ako na lahat ng bagay ay kayang pag aralan at matutunan basta pagtuunan ng pansin at oras. Sa madaling salita ‘effort ang kailangan’.

Isa sa pinaka nag improve sakin mula ng naging applicant ako ay yung pakikisama. Ibat ibang tao na kasi ma encounter mo mula sa iba’t ibang panig ng Pilipinas. Hindi naman mag a adjust yung environment para sayo ikaw ang dapat mag adjust. Sabi ko sa sarili ko noon kasi talagang nakakapanibago lalo na nung unang araw ko pa lang.

Awa ng Diyos paalis na ako ngayong March. Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga staff. Kahit na pasaway kami minsan nandyan pa rin sila.
Eto lang masasabi ko.. Kaya nyo rin! Puso lang, pero hindi sapat ang puro puso kailangan mong gawin.